Generally Accepted Online Community Principles (GAOCP)

One of the biggest Achilles heals in communities is the reporting aspect. Bottlenecks and barriers abound from just about every direction including: Platform reporting tools. This is very uneven. Some platforms do a good or respectable job providing dashboards or otherwise making data easily available. Largely (empirically), they do not. It is more often truer than not that the platform has a philosophy, bias or opinion about what is important and as a consumer of the platform that is what you get. Executives demand for data that is either not available on a platform, not realistic, born out of ignorance […]

Community Relevancy

There are many ways to show the relevancy of a reply in our communities, but I have yet to see any platform actually call it out in black and white as relevant. Even if it may be there, I have not seen it employed as an important ROI that complements those platforms that have correct/solved and helpful/useful replies. Let me take a small step back to explain how I came to this revelation (at least, it is to me). Discussing the direction and needs of a new community with a prospective customer, I extolled the ROI value of replies that […]

Glass Door To Gated Communities

This document discusses how to expose the content of gated (also known as premium or private) communities, and makes no attempt to discuss the potentially larger topic of whether or not to have gated communities versus public communities. Exposing a gated community’s content is really all about making the content searchable with a search engine such as Google or Bing. Of course, the problem doing this in a gated community is that the community’s content is behind authentication of one kind or another and thus never sees the light of day in the search engines. The problem then unravels with […]