Community Relevancy

There are many ways to show the relevancy of a reply in our communities, but I have yet to see any platform actually call it out in black and white as relevant. Even if it may be there, I have not seen it employed as an important ROI that complements those platforms that have correct/solved and helpful/useful replies. Let me take a small step back to explain how I came to this revelation (at least, it is to me). Discussing the direction and needs of a new community with a prospective customer, I extolled the ROI value of replies that […]

Your Idea Counts! (Summary & Index)

Our blogs series, Your Idea Counts!, is not about the platform but rather about the definition, thought process and end-to-end process of implementing ideas in the enterprise for a product(s) but could easily be applied in many other avenues. This is a series because there is much to say and we don’t want you to have to read a book to get something out of it immediately (so, short and productive pieces). This blog series gives you the necessary thinking and end-to-end plan (with actions along the way) on using Ideation.