Generally Accepted Online Community Principles (GAOCP)

One of the biggest Achilles heals in communities is the reporting aspect. Bottlenecks and barriers abound from just about every direction including:

  • Platform reporting tools. This is very uneven. Some platforms do a good or respectable job providing dashboards or otherwise making data easily available. Largely (empirically), they do not. It is more often truer than not that the platform has a philosophy, bias or opinion about what is important and as a consumer of the platform that is what you get.
  • Executives demand for data that is either not available on a platform, not realistic, born out of ignorance of their knowledge about communities or all of the above.
  • The community industry neither has standards nor generally accepted definitions.

The real remedy to this dilemma is to perhaps address the problem from the bottom-up. That is to say, we need to be grounded as a starting point and that would suggest rallying everyone involved in communities to support defining a standards and definitions that the industry as a whole adopts. An industry we could learn from, accounting, has GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) that basically mandates how we count the beans.

Enter Generally Accepted Online Community Principles (GAOCP). See Community Reporting – A New Standard.