Communities have come of age and have grown in to the mainstream of most companies and non-profit organizations for a variety of purposes such as marketing, technology, support, development, causes and services. While some platforms are better than others, and for as much as we have expertise in some of them, we are fundamentally platform-agnostic because it is not the platform that makes a great community. Instead we focus on the vision, strategy, tactics/operation, innovation, integration and gamification. In turn, this dictates a platform choice, customization of an existing platform or working with the platform vendor to make necessary changes (which is not always possible).

To give you a better idea on how we can make a difference, see the below for some insights on why we can make that difference.


Keeping up with both business and customer needs can be challenging as the wheel is in constant motion.


While it can be an overused term, innovation is a key element to keeping the momentum.


We don't know everything and won't even pretend here, but what we know - we know.


Tactics include implementing strategy, improving/creating best practices or achieving operational excellence.


Is your community the Grand Central Station of your business or service?

Giving Back.....

We give back in meaningful ways from teaching to participating to helping to our 30-minute free consultation.