Idea Exchange

Modern idea exchange has been born out of a number of things including:

  • Customer-centricity: The train has left the station with transparency and responsiveness the fuel catalysts. If you have not seen the video from DHL on the bottom of our Services main page, you are encouraged to do so before continuing here. Would you agree or disagree that the companies you are most likely to do business with and even become loyal to are those who listen, act on it and communicate to you about it?
  • Customer frustration: There is nothing less than a large suite of issues such as how an enhancement request/suggestion is made; where it goes; will it or will it not be considered; inability to see what other customers think; inability to comment on what other customers think; communication from the vendor or supplier; and, trust with the vendor or supplier (i.e. vendor or supplier gets a bad rap) to name some immediate thoughts.
  • Vendor or supplier frustration: Another large suite of issues such as duplication of enhancement requests/suggestions that clutter up email, service request or bug tracking systems; inability to have insight on how it impacts all users of a service or product; inability to have meaningful dialog with customers as a whole; loss of customers where this is a factor; and, slow or even unwarranted improvements to service or products to also name some immediate thoughts.

There's more, but hopefully the point has been made.

Shapiro Cloud has been a contributor to a new revolution resolving this with a modern day idea exchange. It's a process and it can be long because it's not so much about the tool (that's the easy part) but rather about changes, some dramatic, on how the culture, organization and the way you work needs adjustment to make it a success. All involved need to be on board. For some detailed insight on how this is done based on previous success, please read our blog series about ideation which is broken-up in to 5 parts for easier reading and is now on our new web site, Your Idea Counts!

In fact, we are so passionate about doing our part to fix this problem that we have begun to start development of a new WordPress plugin, Your Idea Counts!

Of course, Contact Us to see what can be done for you and how this can make a difference in your business!


Explore, gather info, understand how support/customer is connected (if at all) with development or provisioning team.


Putting the recommendation in to motion will likely be the longest part of the project.


Analysis of current platforms servicing customer (and community if present) and development/provisioning team.


Piloting before going live is usually a good idea as you are certain to need adjustments.