Strategy is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall goal. While how it is approached differs widely and wildly, there are key disciplines that in some fashion need to be addressed. Here are our thoughts in a general context, and note that not all parts will always apply (or be needed) and other parts not identified may need to be introduced.


It all starts with vision. There are many forms of vision and some are more complete than others. Maybe you just have a sliver of an idea that gnaws at you or that you firmly believe could mushroom in to something relevant or important.


The logical next step is to develop whatever has been laid out and approved with those identified to do their part(s).


Who/what is involved? What is the industry or segment doing? What connections or potential connections exist? What are the needs of customers (internal or external)?


While QA and pilots are underway, preparation to implement should be started roughly in parallel. Any conversions, seeding, expectations or awareness to address?